The rain forced stoping the match and both team, La Familia and Thai Polo, were named Champions of the tournament.

15 Jan 2017

La Indiana and Mt. Brilliant won their respective matches, La Indiana defeated Goose Creek 12-10, and Mt. Brilliant

16 Jan 2017

The Thai Polo Open resumed at the Thai Polo & Equestrian Club for the last stage of the qualifiers games with two

14 Jan 2017

In a continuation of their scheduled game that was postponed due to rain, this was a pivotal game to decide which teams

13 Jan 2017

In a very tight, physical game, Grand Champions Polo Club encountered a tough Postage Stamp Farm team Thursday in the

12 Jan 2017

Tonkawa secured a spot in the semifinals with an 11-7 win Wednesday over Villa del Lago Modere in the Joe Barry

11 Jan 2017

The 2017 Joe Barry Memorial continued Sunday with a double-header at the International Polo Club Palm Beach (IPC).

09 Jan 2017

Este domingo 8 de enero se jugó en Pinamar la tercera y última fecha del 22° Grand Slam Sancor Seguros Beach Polo

08 Jan 2017

Tonkawa earned a bye to the semifinals by defeating La Indiana 13-12 as the 2017 Joe Barry Memorial continued Saturday

07 Jan 2017

The 2017 Joe Barry Memorial continued Thursday with a tense double-header at the International Polo Club Palm Beach

05 Jan 2017

Este viernes 6 de enero se jugó en Cariló la segunda fecha del 22° Grand Slam Sancor Seguros Beach Polo presentado por

06 Jan 2017

Six time’s a charm for Villa Del Lago as they captured their first 20-goal Herbie Pennell Cup in six final appearances

01 Jan 2017


The Spring season 2014 of  "La Aguada Polo Club" will take place between November and December.

Besides the usual tournaments, the 9th Edition of La Aguada Selection Remate will take place on Wednesday November 26th at Chapa Bar Pilar.

09 Nov 2014 0 comment   Paola A Maldonado Máquin

 In addition, the main club competition, the "Copa Julio Novillo Astrada Jaeger-LeCoultre",  will have four watches for the winning team.

The schedule:

- 10-14 November: La Aguada Cowdray Park Polo Cup (16 goals)

- November 20 - December 2: Copa Julio Novillo Astrada (22 goals)

- November 26: XI La Aguada Selection Remate  (hapa Bar Pilar)

- 1-5 December: La Aguada Guards Polo Cup (16 goals)

- 1-6 December: La Aguada Spring Cup (12 goals)

- 8-12 December: La Aguada Ladies Cup (16 goals, female handicap)

- December 13: Novillitos Cup (children tournament )




Prof. Paola A Maldonado Maquin


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